+44 (0) 1698 674 019 (Head Office) info@vr-services.co.uk

Virtue Recruitment Services are currently hiring for HGV 1 drivers, however unlike our cousins across the pond, those that we serve do require a certain level of experience.

We won’t play star spangled banner for you, but you will earn big bucks –between £12 – £20 per hour plus bonuses and incentives!!!!

Shifts available include day shift, back shift, night shift and weekends with a variety of major blue chip companies or small local business if that is what you prefer, we have a mix of store deliveries, RDC and trunking work.

We have work to suit your lifestyle and availability; we aren’t in the business of “Putin” our people in orange boiler suits and forcing them to do things they don’t want to.

So if like Hilary you find yourself at a loose end feel free to call our driving team on (01698) 743 164, send us an application – iain@vr-services.co.uk or drop into the office in Bellshill.

Unlike the promises of presidential candidates these contracts are not American Pie in the sky but real and ongoing.
The ideal candidates should have no more than 6 penalty points with no DD, CD, DR or IN endorsements.

Must be able to provide drivers licence, CPC and digi-card.

Please note that orange tans and comb-overs are optional.