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Project Manager to take full ownership and responsibility of the delivery of mechanical, electrical, fabric, energy and civils related project works within the Santander HOBS & DCs estate portfolio within the Financial Services and Retail Sector. The responsibilities of this role will include the effective management of the Santander account project delivery as directed by the Projects and Workspace Director.

Job Purpose:

Deliver allocated projects in a safe, timely, professional, compliant and profitable manner within the ISS’s FM environment.

Have overall responsibility for scoping projects with the client-side internal RFMs and Stakeholders.

Ensure projects are secured and delivered on time and within the financial requirements and margins as specified by the business.

Ensure that all projects adhere and are managed to commercial agreements / contracts. They must comply with statutory regulations, are HSEQ compliant and meet technical industry standards and adhere to Santander governance processes.

Ensure all projects with an energy usage content are supported by an energy efficiency business case to be signed off by designated Santander Energy Consultant.

Key Activities:

  • Develop and deliver all allocated projects on time, within budget and to the required scope and quality to the satisfaction of all parties.
  • Develop and author accurate ToRs, Employers Requirements, Programmes and Project Documents.

·Provide accurate weekly, monthly and project specific WiP and progress reports.

·Accurately plan and manage work programmes,

·Keep accurate Cost and Revenue records.

·Engage external contractors and sub-contractors for the cost effective delivery of allocated projects.

·Undertake site safety audits and ensure compliance and CDM Regulations are competently managed.

·Ensure that all project activity is conducted in a consistently high professional standard to clear and comprehensive suite of processes, which includes the embedding of the agreed Projects Toolkit adjusted for client specific requirements.

General Activities

·Ensure the safe delivery of projects through the management of risk and competence.

·Deliver contractual commitments on secured projects.

·Identify, reduce and manage all risks (technical, statutory, health and safety, commercial or otherwise) associated to every project.

·Collaborate effectively and develop client relationships.

·Communicate effectively and contribute to Team meetings and activities.

·Promote and maintain the core values of ISS.

Health & Safety

·Ensure that Client and ISS Health and Safety policies are adhered to in all respects.

·Drive Projects Health and Safety agenda from an operational perspective on the client account.

·Introduce behavioural change to reduce serious accidents and lower the number of common accidents within projects works with ISS direct employees and third party subcontractors.

·Provide auditable safety performance records and evidence.

·Ensure compliance with statutory H&S regulation requirements.

Finance and commercial

·Ensure adherence to financial and commercial management processes for projects works on client account.

·Manage projects specific contract negotiations for the client account.

·Deliver to targets on the client account, ensuring all internal and external audits are compliant and the relevant paperwork and documentary evidence is available

·Ensure compliance with statutory and corporate requirements.

·Ensure that all projects are delivered using appropriate construction contracts up and down stream.

Leadership Principle – We put the customer first

We take pride in servicing our chosen customer

We are responsive to customer needs and proactively search for a better understanding of their challenges

We build relationships with our customers

Level 1

·Actively encourages a customer based focus within the team

·Familiar with service delivery and specification and delivers quality by following procedures

·Builds relationships in a professional manner

·Courteous and polite when dealing with customers.

·Meets agreed deadlines and quality specifications and provides timely feedback to customer

Level 2

·Interprets accurately contractual requirements

·Manages customer expectations.

·Takes responsibility for developing solutions to customer problems / complaints.

·Identifies areas for improvement and acts upon them.

Level 3

·Recognises constraints on customer and provides solutions

·Anticipates internal and external issues that may impact on the customer.

·Uses a variety of techniques to encourage the customer to make challenging decisions

·Highlights the corporate quality agenda and promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

Level 4

·Identifies how customer’s strategic issues may impact on the business

·Considers the impact of ISS global strategy whilst responding to local customer needs

Leadership Principle 2In ISS we have passion for performance

We take pride in delivering excellent performance and results

We appreciate and celebrate excellent performance and success

Level 1

·Effectively communicates objectives, key performance indicators and business progress to the team.

·Demonstrates persistence, energy and enthusiasm to overcome obstacles and achieve results.

·Considers implications of spend against the budget.

·Sets and sticks to realistic timescales and prioritises tasks.

·Sees potential problems in advance and takes appropriate action

Level 2

·Focuses own and team’s efforts on challenging objectives and targets

·Offers practical assistance to other team members in order to help the team

·Collects and analyses data on all elements of performance

·Develop action plans to improve performance and achieve sustainable results

Level 3

·Puts forward strong business cases for investment purposes.

·Takes responsibility for securing and managing funds to run the business.

·Provides motivation to achieve dynamic business excellence

Level 4

·Reviews and rewrites KPI’s when necessary

·Displays entrepreneurial approach to business constantly seeking opportunities for growth.

Leadership Principle 3In ISS we encourage innovation

We are always open to new ways

We look for opportunities to make improvements to our systems and concepts

We value adaptability and willingness to change

Level 1

·Open to new ideas

·Willingly tries new approaches to work issues

·Responds positively to creative suggestions from others

Level 2

·Able to identify new and innovative ways of working

·Willing to take responsibility when change is necessary

·Lead and encourage change initiatives

·Actively involves those affected by change in the planning process

Level 3

·Identifies change opportunities quickly and accurately through creative thinking

·Recognises innovative people within the team and includes them in activities as appropriate

·Contributes significantly to business planning process.

·Recognises and takes action when changes may impact on business profitability.

·Willing to take calculated risks when benefits are important

·Develops innovative actions to differentiate the business and services in the market place

Level 4

·Uses innovation to set future resource requirements.

·Displays high level of visionary capacity to see long term local perspectives.

·Encourages an environment where creativity can flourish

Leadership Principle 4In ISS we treat people with respect

We consider Health & Safety a top priority

We listen & communicate openly and honestly

We treat people as individuals and are aware that their preferences may differ from our own

We respect the laws of the localities where we operate

We value differences and diversity

Level 1

·Provides leadership that implements behavioural change to reduce the risk of serious accidents and lower the number of common accidents

·Displays sensitivity to what people say and how they react recognises the diversity within the team and utilises these differences to the full

·Proactively manages compliance with Equality and Diversity policies

Level 2

·Provides active leadership that implements behavioural change to reduce the risk of serious accidents and lower the number of common accidents

·Delivers difficult messages in a sensitive and tactful way to both individuals and groups.

·Demonstrates empathy towards people and acts appropriately.

·Uses appropriate process and procedures

Level 3

·Confidently facilitates meetings to encourage input from all participants to ensure all view points are aired and considered

·Provides strong tactical leadership that implements behavioural change to reduce the risk of serious accidents and lower the number of common accidents

Level 4

·Sets standards for the quality of the internal and external communication processes and encourages 2 way communications

·Provides strong strategic leadership that introduces behavioural change to reduce the risk of serious accidents and lower the number of common accidents

·Lead Diversity and Equality best practice across the area of responsibility

Leadership Principle 5In ISS we lead by example

We are role models and ambassadors and act accordingly

We make ourselves visible

We are open and honest about the problems we need to manage

Level 1

·Sets a personal example of commitment and enthusiasm

·Is open and honest in their dealings with other people.

·Tackles difficult situations promptly and tactfully

·Provides regular, concise and constructive feedback on performance, and agrees appropriate remedial actions.

·Listens actively asking questions and summarising to confirm understanding

Level 2

·Selects appropriate methods of communication demonstrating clarity and conciseness of communication

·Inspires and excites others to achieve business objectives

·Deals confidently with confrontation and settles issues successfully

·Confident about their proposals and persuades other to follow

·Adapts personal leadership style to suit the needs of the recipient or situation

Level 3

·Challenges plans of others to resolve conflicting priorities.

·Has a range of advanced negotiation skills which regularly achieves win-win situations,

·Manages difficult people and handles conflict with success

Level 4

·Resolves difficult political issues at a high level using appropriate conflict resolution techniques.

·Is seen as a role model for the ISS Leadership Principles and Core Values

Leadership Principle 6In ISS we lead by empowerment

We give a license and obligation to act

We are committed to learning from mistakes

We encourage decisions to be made and executed as far down the organisation as possible

Level 1

·Demonstrates full understanding of own role and clearly explains roles and responsibilities to team

·Take responsibility for own actions and encourage the same in their team

·Seeks support/advice when issues are outside their level of responsibility/capability

·Recognises staff for efforts and celebrates success

Level 2

·Delegates appropriate tasks effectively and correctly

·Provide support to team when trying something new or different or when faced with difficulties

·Uses questioning techniques to encourage team members to resolve own problems and make decisions

·Supports team in analysing why and how a mistake has happened to prevent reoccurrence and to maximize learning.

Level 3

·Identifies and breaks down barriers to success

·Considers implications of decisions or suggestions made

·Manages expectations when selling benefits or ideas

·Obtain shared ownership of problems and challenges assumptions to achieve desired outcomes

Level 4

·Nurtures an environment where individuals feel supported in taking responsibility for their actions

·Promotes a culture where individuals feel enabled to make decisions and act on them.

Leadership Principle 7In ISS we develop ourselves and others

We develop by being open and honest about our strengths and weaknesses

We create space for personal development and for people to achieve their potential

We identify stretch and coach talent

We take pride in developing our own successors

Level 1

·Actively creates a personal plan for continuous self-development

·Responds positively to feedback and constructive criticism.

·Facilitates team development through on the job instruction and coaching.

·Conducts induction and appraisal processes effectively

Level 2

·Seeks to develop own coaching ability.

·Agrees and implements a personal development plan to improve competency levels of individuals.

·Gives constructive feedback on strengths and weaknesses.

·Adopts different development approaches to suit the needs of the individual.

·Prepares and implements training and development plans for operating unit.

·Prepares a succession plan and actively works towards it

Level 3

·Monitors and evaluates the longer-term results of training and development

·Invests the necessary resources (people, time and money) in development of team/s

·Predicts future training and development requirements

Level 4

·Champions talent management and succession planning processes

·Initiates and supports a people development strategy which contributes to the future business needs

Leadership Principle 8In ISS teamwork is at the heart of our performance

We build great teams by selecting people with the right abilities and attitudes

We share ideas, knowledge and experience

We take pride in our teams achievements but always put the company’s interest first

Level 1

·Identifies how individual performance contributes towards the company interest.

·Recognises the need and willingly assists other team members to reach the team goals

·Takes pride in performance of self, team and company

Level 2

·Effectively recruits people with the appropriate skills, abilities and attitudes to fulfill the job roles

·Uses the group as a resource, recognising team member capabilities to make best use of them.

·Prioritises tasks to maximize team performance and utilisation of resources.

·Plans and organises self and others to deliver an excellent service.

·Readily shares information while encouraging integrity in handling commercially sensitive material

Level 3

·Explains complex issues in a logical and appropriate way in order to gain understanding by all levels of the team

·Coverts high level plans into detailed work programmes.

·Inspires multi disciplinary and cross functional teams

Level 4

·Creates an environment where all team members are working towards common goals and business objectives

Leadership Principle 9ISS is one company with shared values one brand and one strategy

We break down silos

We collaborate across borders and businesses

We implement strategies and operate the business in line with the group vision and corporate values

Level 1

·Participates enthusiastically in opportunities to assist other departments to achieve their results

·Ensure company vision is shared and understood throughout the company

·Communicates the company’s vision, business strategies and objectives at appropriate level

Level 2

·Interprets business needs and champions decisive action to achieve the vision

·Able to use creative and innovative techniques for use across the business

·Is sensitive to organisational politics, alliances and rivalries

Level 3

·Formulates and communicates the company’s vision, business strategies and objectives.

·Steps back from the detail in order to see the whole business picture and input into the strategy within their area of responsibility

·Benchmarks performance against other business units/contracts to identify and develop initiatives for continuous improvement

Level 4

·Uses helicopter vision to oversee the combined benefits of complimentary projects.

·Establishes business and functional objectives and strategies to deliver the company vision.

·Develops innovative business propositions which reflect the changing market place.

·Identifies key contacts within and beyond the ISS group to maximise their benefit to the business.

·Benchmarks company performance against leading edge organisations and develops major initiatives for continuous improvement.