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Subject: D – CPC (Module 3)

Compliance 3; Duration: 7 hours


Part 1: Terrorism 

  1. What is terrorism?

Video: UK counter terrorism strategy

  1. The impact of terrorist activities

What do you know about terrorism?

  1. Recognising suspicious activity
  2. Reducing the risk of terrorism

Reducing the risk

Part 2: Asylum seekers / clandestine entrants 

  1. Introduction
  2. Methods of entry
  3. Preventing clandestine entrants

Clandestine entrants

Case study

Part 3: Sharing the road safely with other road users 

  1. Incidents and collisions

Road traffic collision case studies

  1. Contributing factors in road traffic collisions

What factors contribute?

  1. Vulnerable road users

Hazards to vulnerable road users scenarios

  1. Responsibility for road safety

Scenario – Who is responsible for road safety?

Case study

Module learning outcomes